Elson Thermal Store


Coral Aquanox

Elson's range of open vented thermal store units are the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of products.  Satisfying all of your hot water needs the Coral Aquanox thermal store range provides the best possible levels of hot water comfort, powerful mains pressure showering and fast filling baths in the safest, most efficient manner.

The Coral Aquanox is a floor standing unit which has been designed for use as a stand alone model and to sit within an Elson package.  The mains pressure thermal store incorporates an indirect heating coil for use with gas, oil or heat only boiler system .  Available in capacities of 120, 150, 170 and 210 litres. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to give maximum performance, efficiency and economy
  • Duplex stainless steel cylinder giving maximum strength and corrosion resistance
  • Revolutionary new coil design giving improved flow rates and maximising energy utilisation
  • Flow rates of up to 25 litres per minute
  • High levels of insulation for low standing heat losses and greater economy
  • Integral feed and expansion tank as standard
  • Long-life Superloy 'L shaped' immersion heater
  • Fully indemnified design service available
  • Electrical protection at IPX2
  • Ozone depletion factor of zero
  • Global warming potential of 3.1
  • Products tested and compliant with EN 60335-1:2002 and EN 60335-2-21:2003
  • Fully compliant with UK Water Regulations and Building Regulations Part L
  • Five year warranty with on-site service support


How a Thermal Store works

The hot water storage cylinder in the Coral Aquanox is filled with water via the integral feed and expansion tank.  The water is then heated directly by an immersion heater or indirectly by a heating coil within the cylinder that is connected to a central heating system.  This stored hot water is referred to as a "thermal store".

Mains cold water is then heated as it passes through the purpose designed domestic hot water coil, providing instantaneous hot water at the taps. The temperature of the domestic hot water is controlled by a WRAS approved TMV2 thermostatic mixing valve with a rapid fail-safe function to ensure safety and improved economy.

Click here to download a Coral Aquanox Brochure or Fitting Instriction Manual.