Elson Coral E servicing advice and recommendations

Elson Coral E

The Elson Coral E is an open vented thermal store that generates hot water for use at the taps in the home. Unlike a hot water cylinder which stores the water used at the taps, the hot water in the thermal store remains in the store. It heats hot water for use at the taps by passing the water through a coil in the store.

Annual service

Like all hot water appliances, an annual 'health check' should be undertaken by a suitably qualified engineer, to confirm the unit is safe and in good working order, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

In line with current IEE guidelines, the immersion heaters should be annually checked and connected using a minimum of 180C heat resistant silicon sheathed flexible cord 2.5 mm.

For further information for Operation and Maintenance, please click here to download the Elson Coral E Installation, Servicing and User Manual.

We have prepared aImportant Bulletin that explains the importance of annual servicing.

Topping up the feed tank

It is usual for some of the water held in the store to be lost over time due to evaporation. Therefore the thermal store must be topped up either automatically via a ball float valve or manually through an isolation valve. This will ensure the element will not run in dry air and overheat.

Check that the water level is on, or just above, the 'WATERLINE', which is clearly marked into the side of the feed tank. WARNING: If the water level is not maintained, this could lead to damage to the unit and affect its safe operation.

Please watch the video for instructions on topping up the thermal store.

We can provide a sticker to go on your tank to remind you how to top it up. If you would like us to send you a sticker, please email with your name and address.

How To Top Up Your Thermal Store sticker Serrvice record sticker
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