The Zircon cylinder range is constructed from strong lightweight Duplex stainless steel to allow ease of handling on site, whilst offering exceptional corrosion resistance particularly in aggressive water areas, compared with some forms of stainless steel and glass-lined steel.  With no sacrificial anode to replace regular maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Foam insulation measuring 50mm (CFC/HCDC-free-ODP zero) is available on all models to give improved insulation standards.  Our cylinders are finished in modern and robust white plastic-coated corrosion-proofed steel, cased with grey high impact thermoplastic top and bottom mouldings.

Indirect models are designed to offer high out-put coil-in-coil heat exchanger rating 12.5 to 19kW allowing high efficient transfer of energy whilst its position in the base of the cylinder maximises the amount of hot water heated, and the cold water controls design delivers good flow rate performance.  The Zircon cylinder range gives mains pressure hot water for a balanced supply to showers and mixers - without the need for a shower pump.

Designed with the installer in mind - all plumbing and electrical connections are located easily to give maximum access.  Plumbing connections are 22mm compression. 

Capacities range from 120 to 300 litres on the standard models and 190 to 300 litres on the solar models.  With no cold feed cistern required - the cylinder can be installed in an airing cupboard, loft, cellar, utility room or even in a garage.

Backed by a 25 year guarantee with on-site service support.

Click here to download the Zircon brochure or fitting instruction manual for direct & indirect models, and fitting instruction manual for solar models.


ErP labels

Product Capacity  Product Type Product code  Label 
Zircon 120zd 120 litres Direct  93050011  
Zircon 150zd 150 litres Direct  93050012
Zircon 170zd 170 litres Direct 93050013
Zircon 210zd 210 litres Direct 93050014
Zircon 250zd 250 litres Direct 93050015
Zircon 300zd 300 litres Direct 93050016
Zircon 120zi 120 litres Indirect  93050001
Zircon 150zi 150 litres Indirect 93050002  
Zircon 170zi 170 litres Indirect 93050003
Zircon 210zi 210 litres Indirect 93050004
Zircon 250zi 250 litres Indirect 93050005
Zircon 300zi 300 litres Indirect 93050006
Zircon 190zsi 190 litres  Solar indirect  93050007
Zircon 210zsi 210 litres Solar indirect 93050008
Zircon 250zsi 250 litres Solar indirect 93050009 
Zircon 300zsi 300 litres Solar indirect 93050010