Elson Products

For over 90 years Elson have been manufacturing water heating products and providing hot water solutions for the UK market. With this wealth of experience and industry expertise you can be sure that Elson will have the right product and solution for any application.
Whether for a new-build development, a refurbishment project or simply replacing an existing unit, Elson has the answers.

NEW - Commercial Water Heating Range
Introducing the ultimate range of value for money water heaters from Elson.

Heat Interface Units
Elson's stored water district interface units are designed especially for community heating systems.  
This highly compact wall mounted unit provides controllable heat and hot water efficiently.

Elson Zircon unvented cylinder range is constructed from strong and lightweight Duplex stainless steel to allow ease of handling on site, whilst offering exceptional corrosion resistance particularly in aggressive water areas, compared with some forms of stainless steel and glass-lined steel.
Providing your customers' hot water needs, the Zircon cylinder range ensures the best possible performance - powerful mains pressure showering and fast filling baths, whilst delivering reliability and efficiency.

Coral Aquanox Thermal Store
The Coral Aquanox range of thermal stores is available in either direct electric or indirect formats. The Coral Aquanox thermal store is ideal for providing mains pressure hot water in dwellings where the safety discharge from an unvented cylinder is difficult to accommodate, for example, in flats and apartments. With the addition of a manual fill kit, it becomes a stand alone unit, not even requiring an overflow pipe.

Complete Heating and Hot Water Packages
Elson specialises in offering tailor-made heating packages. Each package is custom designed to ensure that it matches your exact requirements. Following an initial consultation the package is designed and then manufactured. Using gas and electric boilers, thermal store units and unvented cylinders, Elson manufactures pre-plumbed packages, built on a frame, incorporating all the system interface components required for your application e.g. programmer, zone controls and pump. All packages are site-ready, for quick and easy installation.