Commercial Water Heating Range

EOS7 Vented water heaters

Elson's new EOS7 over sink 7 litre vented water heater has been designed ideally for light commercial applications where there is a demand for hand washing and instant hot water. Compact dimensions ensure flexible siting and ease of installation. Supplied directly from the mains, water is heated by a 3kW element, to a maximum of 70°C, providing fast recovery times from cold. Made in the UK, the Elson EOS7 vented water heater is covered by a two year warranty with on-site service support.

EOS7 Fitting Instructions


EBW25 Boiling water heater

EBW25 is an instant boiling water dispenser that is wall mounted making it ideal for offices and canteens or any space where hot water for beverages are required. The 2.5 litre capacity water heater has a white ABS moulded outer case which is IPX2 rated. Heated by a 2.5kW element, the EBW25 can save both time and energy that would normally be wasted from repeatedly boiling a kettle for hot drinks. Made in the UK, the EBW25 boiling water unit is covered by a two year warranty with on-site service support.

EBW25 Fitting Instructions


EHW3 3kW handwash unit

The EHW3 hand wash unit is a compact 3kW water heater, ideal for applications where there is a need for hand wash facilities, but insufficient space or demand for a full hot water system. The EHW3 can provide washing facilities for applications such as staff or customer toilets in commercial premises, or consultation rooms at doctor surgeries or dental practices where hand hygiene is particularly important. Features of the EHW3 include a power on indicator, stainless steel swivel spout and a pre-set safety cut-out and pressure to make the unit safer in operation. The EHW3 commercial hand wash unit is covered by a two year warranty with on-site service support.

EHW3 Fitting Instructions


EUV10 and EUV15 Unvented water heater

The new EUV10 and EUV15 undersink unvented units will be available from winter 2014 and come in 10 and 15litre capacities. Supplied with an expansion relief valve as standard, other safety features include a factory fitted over temperature cut-out designed to activate at 92°C. The EUV10 and EUV15 are provided with a one year parts only warranty.

EUV10 and EUV15 Fitting Instructions


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ErP labels

Product  Capacity  Product Type  Product Code  Label 
EOS7 7 litres Vented  93010001  
EUV10 10 litres Unvented 93050021
EUV15 15 litres Unvented 93050022  
EHW3 N/A Instantaneous 93020001